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We share our magazine with over 250,000  potential customers!

Our media partners distribute our advertising campaigns to their lists containing more than 200,000 subscribers.  These readers, customers or potential clients have the interest in forwarding the green movement while caring of the planet.

For us, at iGreenWoman, is important to bring the message of transforming to healthful life styles while supporting business owners creating green and sustainable products.

Your article, Ad or Message stays online with free access to the many issues.  Your company is seeing by our global audience and they have direct access to your website at all times. There is no expiration date for the issue as long as we exist! That means continuous exposure for your business!

Join us and have an opportunity and discount to be part of other avenues to promote your business. Visit www.igreenmediagroup.com

We take pride of promoting conscious and social entrepreneurs dedicated to the well being of people and the preservation of Mother Earth.

We envision to strengthen the movement to contribute to the health of future generations on the planet.

We ask you to support and join our efforts and our community. Connect with us and be part of the iGreen Community!

 Advertise in iGreenWoman Magazine TODAY!

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