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Sandra Hanns created iGreen Media Group and iGreenWoman Magazine with the commitment to inform and expand the green awareness contributing to building a united green society that envisions a healthy planet and people living healthful-vibrant lives.  We have a dedicated group of people who had contributed to keeping our mission and vision alive.  To all of them, we thank them for their continuous support.

As Green business could benefit from our support, it is up to all communities to step up and demand products that are healthy for all of us.

We do have the purchasing power acquiring what good for our bodies and the health of the ones we love is. Bringing the grass roots approach, companies will be forced to change their ways on how they produce and what they use in their products.

Stand tall and strong with us for a safe and clean world for the generations to come!

We are proud to start a green e-hub where women find much content and messages with beneficial and fun information.  iGreenWoman is a magazine that brings trustworthy and accurate information about our health, environment and the latest green news and trends for the environmentally-aware women in today’s society.

We would like to offer the opportunity for groups to express their concerns and act upon different actions that the green movement needs.

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Women offer their power and heart when it comes to working together for our families and the future of our planet. Join the community!


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This is an amazing opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals.
The Green Elite of Who is Who”

iGreenWoman is building “The Green Elite of Who’s Who” in the green business field as one group that, through the power of media, empowers women to be an environmental and conscious icon for the health of future generations.

If you are interested in knowing more about how to join The Green Elite of Who is Who, contact the Founder/CEO at SandraHanns@igreenmediagroup.com  or call:  415-829-9360.
Green Business owners are creating the future of the planet!
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