Why this Magazine?



We have created a magazine that brings a real sense of what is important to women; family, health, causes, environment, personal growth, empowerment acknowledging each of you as one that matters.  You will also find how our community of professionals and committed citizens contributed with their expertise. They have submitted articles for you to have content that can make a difference in your life. We have taken the grass roots approach as, we have interacted with communities in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 15 years . We know that women love to gather and share their experiences. Women also enjoy seeing others smiling when health and joy are present. We all know that women cry or we feel sad seeing people are suffering. The natural motherhood instinct,  in all of us, brings that special sensitivity. Also, we are fierce and a champion when it comes to defend the ones we love. Women are at the center of our children’s lives. We are the health and care givers of future generations; without leaving out those amazing men that take on raising children as well. iGreenWoman calls to those who care about people’s health, preserving the environment and have a place in their heart for justice and freedom for all.  We invite you to join this community; a community that unifies to demand health and support those who brings it to us.  Health is everyone’s right!  Do you align?


Cover October 2013

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