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   Greening Your Motherhood

   Women are unifying to take consciousness about the shift needed to bring healthy children into this world!

Greening Your Motherhood brings professionals and experts to panels, webinars and their feature articles in the magazine to address environmental toxicity and the impact in women’s health affecting the health of their babies and children.

The health of future generations is at stake. We are inviting women to unite and inform themselves shifting into being conscious consumers. Supporting green, sustainable fashion, natural & organic goods, pesticide free and toxic free products and holistic practices; this conscious support will eventually transform the kind of products we find on the market.  Our most powerful tool is media and the information we can share will make a difference.  Happy Healthy Families ~ Happy Lives!

                                 Join us and spread the awareness.


iGreenWoman eMagazine

The eMagazine is a collaboration of professionals working to bring the best health and the latest green trends to our communities.  We are bringing valuable and beneficial information for the women exploring a shift into a healthier world.

The success of the green movement and a sustainable future are in the hands of women; supporting, buying and consciously choosing and consuming natural products and powerfully engaging in a toxic free and preventative health through holistic services available today.

We will feature dedicated communities, fair trade, non profits, new businesses, technology, fashion, cosmetics, food, vibrant health and so much more that supports a happy environment for us to enjoy.


We are creating full partnership to fulfill a common mission of a vibrant society on a thriving planet. 

Join the efforts!



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Internship & Leadership Training at iGreen Media Group

We are inviting committed interns to participate and create their portfolio with us. We are accepting students that would like to contribute to their communities while they have, creativity,  practice and interaction in an environment that they enjoy.  Thank You for your interest in our programs.  All applicants must fill out the Internship APPLICATION.

Explore!   Connect with us:  Connect@igreenmediagroup.com

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